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Alisonrouge is a very highly rated Chaturbate model and she is the kind of sexy girl that knows she is sexy but is also humble. She is just so effortless in her hotness that she does not stress it but will still leave the jaws of her viewers dangling on the floor. She often has a costume on in her sessions and on some days, she could be a hot nurse that will cure you of your illness but leave you horny as fuck, on some other days, she could be a vampire you are hoping sucks your dick after sucking your blood, and In addition to this, she allows her viewers to request what she dresses up as long as their requests are accompanied with an appropriate number of tokens. This cam model has flawless skin and watching her move her butt from side to side in HD is marvelous because you can see how perfect and flawless her skin is.

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Name alisonrouge (Alison)
Age 23 (Female)
Location United States
Language(s) English
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