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Just like her name says, not_an_ordinary_girl, is really and truly not any ordinary girl. Simply put, this Chaturabte cam model is one of the sexiest seductresses you will find on Chaturbate. She has mastered the art of lighting and camera angles and she lights her room in the most amazing ways making her room feel like a dungeon of pleasure. She usually oils her body, slowly and seductively and she looks into the camera as she rubs the oil on her boobs, she is just so fucking sexy. Sometimes she likes to make a painting with her hot body. She will put paint on her body, over her boobs and butt, then she lays on a canvas and just moves around the canvas till there is a nice abstract painting on the canvas. She also sometimes has a dancing pole in her shows with which she does pole tricks like a stripper.

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Name not_an_ordinary_girl (Julieta)
Age 27 (Female)
Location So far, So close
Language(s) English
Last Cam Show This Week
Categories Feet, Hairy, Natural, Pantyhose, French

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